Friday, 8 July 2016

Side project

Yes. I'm doing it again.

I have yet another side project on the go. I'm writing a book. Yes, we all go through phases where we want to do it. So, with no experience, I am doing it.

Maybe the finished book might be given to the world, or maybe its shite, or only seen by my family and laughed at.

But, it's started.

It's,.... Wait for it..... A murder, revenge against animal cruelty. It's not a whodunit, more a whydunit.

I have unexpectedly got a forensic expert on board to help me with technical stuff. Thank you Twitter. A huge rock of good luck fell my way and landed in my lap.

The amount of science reading ahead of me is scary. Soil. Decomposition. Corpses. Bugs.

I'm also doing an online course on soil. Is this a midlife crisis or what?

And for anyone reading this, who spotted my other "projects", which haven't as yet got off the ground, they are still happening, but yes, on an indefinite hiatus.

Few things tearing into my free time and also things affecting my ability to do the Petologist podcasts. Main problem is a lack of a working pc/laptop.
The tablet apps I tried aren't good enough to edit on it. But the apps are good enough to write on.

Soooooo, using the resources I have, I am improvising where and when I can.

Thats my catch up news.

Oh wait. And I am also on an advertising campaign. Got 2 lunchtime dog walking spaces to fill.

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