Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Petcast name has been decided

Our new podcast / petcast nearly took the boring Uncle Eric's Petcast route, but I fancied something different.

Quick social media cry for help and Petology was suggested. The twitter version of that name had already gone.

But I liked the name, quick tinker, twitter check and I finalised with

The Petologist

If anyone wishes to suggest a future topic or has an idea, I can be contacted via  and on twitter @ThePetologist

That was the easy bit done. Now for some content.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Announcement. New addition to the Uncle Eric Pet Care brand.

Some people might already know this, or some may have guessed with my out of the blue questions to them.

But our new addition to the Uncle Eric Pet Care brand will be... , drumroll please.

Howay, can't hear you. Louder. LOUDER.

.... a podcast..

A what? I hear you cry with laughter.

Yes. A pet based podcast.. It won't be weekly, at the very best fortnightly. I won't rush it. Each episode will come out when ready.

It will be a mixture of dedicated episodes for specific pets, or a specific episode to a pet based business / career. The latter including interviews with local businesses.

Research is underway for episode 1 and 2. Just need to buy a decent  microphone and headphones , learn about some useful software for editing each recording and then find cheap (preferably free) hosting for the podcasts.

Sounds easy, doesn't it? NOT..

Nothing like a new project to keep the mind ticking away. Or blow the mind to smithereens.

See you on the other side..

I've not even thought a name yet.. GULP.

#Consett #petcare tails

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Chicken crowing.

Well. Must be around 3 months since we got our chickens and Ive loved 95% of the time we have shared.

That was until 1 of our hens started crowing. At 1st after research, I claimed to the family that its common(ish) for a flock without a cockerel (don't like using rooster, too USAy), for a hen to take on a male role. That includes crowing. I was kidding myself rather than the family.

I was repeatedly told we had to get rid of him. But Nugget was the smallest one we have. Black Bantam Frizzle Cochin, and the one with most comedy character and I was determined to try everything to keep him.
Since we live in a terrace of bungalows and the coop is in the garden, I knew there was only so long his noise would be put up with.
More research and I came across a chicken website, with a public forum for questions and answers. Look kids, something that existed before Facebook.

By chance I read up on no crow collars. What on earth are these you ask.

Designed to reduce, not eliminate the volume of a crow, by affecting the cockerels ability to fully inflate his air sack.

Well. Being cheapskates we found instructions on how to make our own DIY style.

At 1st, I thought it worked, I could genuinely not hear it as loud. But it didn't last.

Last week I had to rehome him. It tore a huge chunk out of me. In fact messed my sleep up for a full week before he left. You often think no one could look after a pet better than you can.
I must have endured a few panic attacks.

Weird. To some it was just a chicken. To me, I had to give away a pet. Something that I detest others doing. When I get pets they should be with me until they pass away.

I will never make this mistake twice.