Thursday, 7 May 2015

Vet Rant

Fecking vet.

Im not going to name it as its unfair too. As I suppose one bad experience with one vet within a practice shouldn't tar them all. Especially as I rank one of the other vets outstanding.

My 15 year old cat. Never been vaccinated in his life, went because he had a rash. Vet 1, gave him antibiotics to clear up after effects of a bout of fleas. Our house has only ever had 2 flea attacks in all that time. Latest few weeks back, house all clear.

Today, for the follow up consultation. Vet 1 wasn't there so my wife saw Vet 2. This vet was pushy. All he was interested in was selling a monthly package which highlighted a monthly antiflea treatment. MONTHLY?? Also my 15 year old has bad teeth. Vet 1 wouldn't stress my cat out or run the risk of anesthetic due to his age. Vet 2 however was all for giving quotes for the non essential treatment.

Really angry doesn't cover it. I hate pushy people, especially ones who push for very expensive, non essential treatments