Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Been a while

Hello still here.

In case I haven't told you. I'm writing a murder book. Not a murder mystery. As the murderer is known from virtually beginning. But more of a journey why the dog walker snaps and kills people.
Hopefully I can be inventive enough for some cool deaths and body disposals.

Sunday, 4 September 2016


For the last 6 days, we have been staying at a customers house. Its NOT a service we offer, and we are ONLY doing it for this customer. We are only half way through their holiday, and we have been busy living between 2 houses.

Most of the dogs are on some form of medication or another, multiple times a day. Luckily its mostly tablets or powders to add to food. But you know what, its very time consuming. Especially since we also have to live here at home with our pets.

Yes, we are taking turns sleeping out. Bit bizarre bed hoping, and sleeping alone after all theses years. Nothing feels right.

Did I say we were busy last week?

That's nothing to whats coming next week, I stupidly forgot during the planning of their days away, schools are back tomorrow after their summer holidays. That means, a lot more dogs to walk. Oooppps. This dog walker is going to be knackered, feeding, walking, driving, feeding, medicating, driving, walking and repeat for next 6 days.

One of our regulars, has just had a leg operation, so he needs walked alone. I haven't seem him yet since his operation, but I know that he is attached to some sort of wooden framework. Luckily our business model allows for this one on one walking.

We also have an old lady who had an accident wanting her blind dog walked too while she recovers.

Did I say I was busy?