Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fathers day

Quite a relaxing day SO far.

Quick shower. Few hours on mobile phone internet. Breakfast in bed.

Kids minus my eldest (who isnt here cause hes revising at his mothers), gave me cards, new wallet, chocolates, smellies and Mr Potato bubble bath.

Luxury. And its not even 11.30am

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Half way through the six Star Wars films

Im having such good fun watching the series of Star Wars films from start to finish.
Jar jar binks is a plank though.

Mind you I am hungry so may have to pause it for fish and chips.

As guessing lots of bread and butter tooo.

Sunday, 12 June 2011


After listening to a MotleyFool podcast, I heard about Crowdcube. A website which allows people to become an armchair dragon... It follows the below formula

 Investment can start from as small as £10.00 I am SOOOO tempted to dabble..

Decisions decisions...

Monday, 6 June 2011

DIY master

As if. Im rubbish. But I did manage to fix a broken toilet after 9 days.

Not before I bought the wrong piece.

But now we can flush again without using a bucket.

Fishy snapshot

Finding it pretty hard to photo the fish with the water fountain on. The ripples affecting surface making a clear shot impossible.

However I was very lucky to snap one of Mr Big Fish having his tea today.

Pump head

The mrs keeps changing the setting on the pump. Now it a bell shape. Grrr

New Mr Fish

During the week the mrs bought 8 new fish for the pond. The new pump has made a dramatic effect clearing the water.
Honeytone came over yesterday to bring us her 6 year old fish to join the others. After a brief temp adjustment to his/her new surroundings within moments swimming carefree the the others.
While i have never in the past enjoyed fish in tanks in a house. I am strangely enjoying pond fish.
No idea. Answers on a postcard please.