Thursday, 30 October 2014

Weird unintentional cruelty.

Yesterday I saw another dog walker who was walking 5 dogs on a grassy field.
2 dogs were off lead, and the other 3 on lead. The dogs off lead were under perfect control, so this isn't my usual on lead rant that I'm getting far too comfortable always banging on about.

I watched the walker throwing balls for the 2 off lead dogs who obviously were having a great time. However, I noticed the other 3 were wanting to play aswell. But they couldn't. The 3 dogs were very excited but restricted to short fixed length leads.

I believe indirectly the dogs on the lead would feel punished by the removal of the opportunity to play chasing the ball. The dogs would be very confused at this too, as they would have no idea why they couldn't play therefore indirectly why they feel punished.

Again, I am a walker who is 100% against off lead walks unless dogs are under complete control. However, I think mixed walks (both off and off lead) might have hidden consequences for the actual pet owner. Maybe undoing some hard work  between owner and dog, or maybe a small problem unnoticed evolving into larger very noticeable problem.

Either way the dogs on lead were obviously not having as good a time as the ones off.

Since we walk 2 dogs max on lead at any one time , at least each dog is treated equally. They have upto 5m freedom each on extendable leads to walk, sniff and explore.

Friday, 17 October 2014

What an unprofessional day and a half today has been.

When I setup my Facebook and Twitter pages, I did so with the idea of not being too serious and to document my days as a dog walker. Regardless of topic. Hopefully engaging with people to discuss topics of interest.

After today and some comments towards me and my professionalism due to my postings, I have had time to reflect.

I'm changing nothing. I don't upset anyone. I stick up for my beliefs. MY BELIEFS. All this stemmed from the way I run my business. I have never told anyone how to run their business why should they try with me.

My business position is to keep dogs on lead. My business, my rules. When I read or hear about offlead walks resulting in injury or death, it upsets me and I comment. Then I publicise the fact I walk only onlead.

Where's the harm in that? It's my unique selling point (USP in business jargon)

I am passionate about safety (in fact in the last laboratory I worked in I was OCD about it). Where's the harm in being over protective about dogs in my paid for care? Surely thats what I'm paid for.

I walk, I look after, I return dogs home safe and sound.

I have never abandoned a dog on a walk because it fails to come back on command. Thats unprofessional. Thats horrible. Thats disgraceful.

Because I opened my mouth today after hearing about a pet death and the connection with being off lead, I seem to encounter a bizarre amount of nastiness from other dog walkers.

Each to their own. I have nothing against off lead walks in theory and have recommended two local businesses who specialise in them. But the theory of off lead and all bad incidents I read about and witness daily suggest it has more problems than its worth.

This brings me back to my page. I have friends and customers who read it. Never have I upset anyone on it. Not once has a customer complained about me openly being over protective of their family pet. I treat all customers as if my own. Hopefully that comes across in the way I talk to them. And the way I still walk them from being puppies. Or the way I walk one on one with their infirm or elderly animal family members.

If other dog walkers from far afield or local have a problem with me or my ways, please unfriend me, block me, or whatever. I don't have issues with you or your way.

I'd rather hypocrites just disappeared from my life.

That said, I will still continue the way I am. Dogs on lead at all times, and be very angry everytime I see or hear of dog injuries. It's the way I am.

Adios and wooof wooof

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Faith in dog owners restored.

I have a new puppy starting in January. The owner contacted me to see if I can fit her in BEFORE she agreed to get it.

Now thats a fantastic dog owner. Plenty of preplanning before deciding.

She already has an older dog which I walk but wow. I love owners like that.

Some cute pics

Nothing really to say except how cute are these fellas?

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Email tester.

Just checking this still works... As I havent used it in many a full moon