Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Just looked through older blog postings and I forgot we had a lovely one about feeding her cats.
Totally brain freeze moment.

Kind Testimonial

Some days you get right cheesed off with things. Its little things like this which make it all worth while


"Having just seen 2 vans full of dogs on a hot summers days I am once again thankful that I chose to use Uncle Eric's Pet Care Services.

My dog is given the 1-2-1 tailored care and attention that she deserves. From the moment of stepping outside of her home, her walk commences, there is no fear of her being driven around the County in a van full of strange dogs or having to share her walk with several other dogs which may intimidate her or worse.

Her walk is tailored to her needs and I know she is in very good hands. She is safe and secure as she is always kept on a lead which is an extended lead to allow her some freedom whilst still remaining secure.

She has Eric's undivided attention, and if there are any problems or concerns with her health and well being, I know I will receive a call or text swiftly from Eric to keep me informed. On returning home her paws are cleaned if needs be, water is checked and she is left with a treat.

I really value Eric's dog walking service and cannot recommend him enough. I allow very few people to walk my dog and I have full faith in Eric's sensible and sensitive approach.

Claire B"

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Final one.

Youngest child is 16 today. She is more interested in her badge than her money.

Monday, 13 April 2015

What a topsy-turvy day its been.

Days can change quickly.

I was happy as the preverbal Larry towards end of my last walk, then I saw something, and I knew it wasn't good. Man walking his jack russel off lead. Yes, it ran across the green towards me barking and yapping, and went straight for one of the dogs on lead. (Notice, his dog offlead, walked dogs were on lead) 

After THREE failed attempts of me to use my right foot and saying clear off. It just kept attacking. Owner was useless, he didn't even try to recall his dog (really hope he reads this, as I'm on the hunt for him.) As a last resort I had to kick the attacking dog off. I had to yell at the clown to get his sodding dog on his lead. His only concern was because I had to kick his dog off. Not the fact his dog was attacking another.

His description. Male. Less than 6ft tall. Glasses. Black bomber type jacket. Black beany type hat with Sunderland FC logo on it. Guessing 40-50ish.
Dog description. Jack Russell. Nasty barking variety. Wearing a red neckerchief.
Location. On the green behind Fellside, Delves Lane.

If anyone knows this person, please tell me, as he has a date with a nice Policeman soon.

Luckily, the attacked dogs owner checked over her dog thoroughly and there is no injury. But this could have been very very worse. What if a young child had been in charge of their pet? I at least have big feet with 16 stone weight behind me. The child could have been badly bitten.

Regardless of what injuries occurred to either dog , the off lead walker is purely financial responsible. Law is clear. Dogs MUST be under control at all times. I tried to explain this (ok badly amongst my swear words) to this idiot. He didn't take any responsibility, his only other comment to me was to call me childish.

Ok. Dummy spat across the field. My toys have been chucked out of my pram.

However. My day changed mood again. Half hour after I got home, I got a phone call. While I can't say what the conversation is about, its very possible I could become part of a new business venture. I foresee a few meetings and brainstorming sessions ahead for me.