Monday, 21 July 2014

Re-welcome to our blog

Hello and a big RE-welcome to our  blog.

Hopefully we will use this to bring you up to date information on our activities, past/present and future. But everything should be pet based, even loosely.

For a recap
Based in Consett, we started back in 2007, under the name Waggs. However a pet boutique opened locally with a similar name, and to save confusion we opted for UNCLE ERIC'S PET CARE instead. We are a family run business and all of us help out when needed. My 4 kids have all helped out for 7 years.

Our Services
Dog walking (always on lead and mainly 1 to 1 walking, giving us the ability to tailor make any walks as and when required)

Pet taxi
(by pre-booked appointment only, after 3pm, unless you require a vet drop off before 9am for a surgical procedure)

Pet visiting
(we come to your house to feed and clean up after your pet in the comfort of their own home. Highly preferred for many cat owners. This includes moving mail from doorway and watering plants if needed.) PLEASE NOTE - WE DO NOT DO THIS FOR DOGS. DOGS ARE SOCIAL ANIMALS AND NEED COMPANY. DOGS WILL FRET, WORRY, BECOME BORED AND DESTROY HOMES IF LEFT ALONE TOO LONG. 

Pet minding (Small CAGED animals stay here looked after by us in our own home. We DO NOT look after dogs or cats)

Contact Us

email -
website -
twitter - ImUncleEric
facebook - Uncle Eric's Pet Care
tel no - 01207 580919 (please leave a message AND a contact number if no one answers)
mob no - 07845635810 (please leave a message AND a contact number if no one answers)

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