Saturday, 26 July 2014

RAW food does have an obvious drawback.

I'm a good few months into raw feeding. While my cat has embraced it easier than my dog. I'm still plodding along.

However, as my dog sometimes walks off without touching it, I left it down thinking he would go back. In this heat, this is a bad mistake.

For example, I gave him a meaty beef rib bone (I think it was rib) to chew on. I didn't expect him to eat it, more for recreational use.

As he got up to go indoors, greenbottles from nowhere came and started to have their fill. (see picture)

I also had flies hang around the bowls indoors after mealtimes.

This made me look into ways on feeding. No longer food can stay down for ages. Now picked up after 30mins and put back in fridge, and regiven at next meal time (breakfast or supper).

Can't slack on food hygiene with raw food. But the benefits for my cat and dog outweigh the extra bowl cleaning time.

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