Thursday, 8 October 2015

Chicken crowing.

Well. Must be around 3 months since we got our chickens and Ive loved 95% of the time we have shared.

That was until 1 of our hens started crowing. At 1st after research, I claimed to the family that its common(ish) for a flock without a cockerel (don't like using rooster, too USAy), for a hen to take on a male role. That includes crowing. I was kidding myself rather than the family.

I was repeatedly told we had to get rid of him. But Nugget was the smallest one we have. Black Bantam Frizzle Cochin, and the one with most comedy character and I was determined to try everything to keep him.
Since we live in a terrace of bungalows and the coop is in the garden, I knew there was only so long his noise would be put up with.
More research and I came across a chicken website, with a public forum for questions and answers. Look kids, something that existed before Facebook.

By chance I read up on no crow collars. What on earth are these you ask.

Designed to reduce, not eliminate the volume of a crow, by affecting the cockerels ability to fully inflate his air sack.

Well. Being cheapskates we found instructions on how to make our own DIY style.

At 1st, I thought it worked, I could genuinely not hear it as loud. But it didn't last.

Last week I had to rehome him. It tore a huge chunk out of me. In fact messed my sleep up for a full week before he left. You often think no one could look after a pet better than you can.
I must have endured a few panic attacks.

Weird. To some it was just a chicken. To me, I had to give away a pet. Something that I detest others doing. When I get pets they should be with me until they pass away.

I will never make this mistake twice.

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