Friday, 17 October 2014

What an unprofessional day and a half today has been.

When I setup my Facebook and Twitter pages, I did so with the idea of not being too serious and to document my days as a dog walker. Regardless of topic. Hopefully engaging with people to discuss topics of interest.

After today and some comments towards me and my professionalism due to my postings, I have had time to reflect.

I'm changing nothing. I don't upset anyone. I stick up for my beliefs. MY BELIEFS. All this stemmed from the way I run my business. I have never told anyone how to run their business why should they try with me.

My business position is to keep dogs on lead. My business, my rules. When I read or hear about offlead walks resulting in injury or death, it upsets me and I comment. Then I publicise the fact I walk only onlead.

Where's the harm in that? It's my unique selling point (USP in business jargon)

I am passionate about safety (in fact in the last laboratory I worked in I was OCD about it). Where's the harm in being over protective about dogs in my paid for care? Surely thats what I'm paid for.

I walk, I look after, I return dogs home safe and sound.

I have never abandoned a dog on a walk because it fails to come back on command. Thats unprofessional. Thats horrible. Thats disgraceful.

Because I opened my mouth today after hearing about a pet death and the connection with being off lead, I seem to encounter a bizarre amount of nastiness from other dog walkers.

Each to their own. I have nothing against off lead walks in theory and have recommended two local businesses who specialise in them. But the theory of off lead and all bad incidents I read about and witness daily suggest it has more problems than its worth.

This brings me back to my page. I have friends and customers who read it. Never have I upset anyone on it. Not once has a customer complained about me openly being over protective of their family pet. I treat all customers as if my own. Hopefully that comes across in the way I talk to them. And the way I still walk them from being puppies. Or the way I walk one on one with their infirm or elderly animal family members.

If other dog walkers from far afield or local have a problem with me or my ways, please unfriend me, block me, or whatever. I don't have issues with you or your way.

I'd rather hypocrites just disappeared from my life.

That said, I will still continue the way I am. Dogs on lead at all times, and be very angry everytime I see or hear of dog injuries. It's the way I am.

Adios and wooof wooof

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