Friday, 29 August 2014

Holy poo. What a month or so.

Since last post. Nothing has gone to plan.

Old shed is down. Concrete slabs moved into place for new one.

Old shed frame is to be used for chicken coop. I dismantled loads of pallets to use to use reclaimed wood for their house. However, I just got an allotment which needs fences. So I think most of that wood is going there.

I've been on waiting list for so long for an allotment, I'd almost given up on the idea.

Decided against keeping chickens on allotment itself as I have read too many horrible stories over the years about idiots setting fire to pigeon / chicken houses. Personally to me, my chickens will be pets who lay eggs, but pets nonetheless. It would destroy me to tempt fate and that happen.

So once, shed and coop built in the garden, the work continues on fence. And thats BEFORE I can start digging over the ground ready to plant.

I've loads of seeds bought. I was kindly donated a water butt from a friend. She had too many.

Sooooo. Plenty hard work ahead for me. Hopefully my personal family life will stop creating dramas and let me get on with it.

I think coop will be big enough for 5 or 6 chickens. Undecided on which type/breed. Doubtful they will all be same.

Kids did decide on some names but I have forgotten them. Ooops. Hope they remember.
Already got some strawberry plants too, (white, alpine) again kindly donated by my friend. One Sharon Griffiths. I forsee growing competitions between us each year.

Attached picture of friends chickens while I looked after them. Delicious eggggggggs.

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