Saturday, 28 May 2011

Pixelpipes the bad boy

I was checking my blogs to see if they posted properly. Then surprise I saw my daughters photos I posted yesterday to Facebook. They were messing in old fancy dress costumes and my Mrs's bra and my undies.
How on earth?
They were also on my twitter feed.
Now innocently as they were I could I have caused myself some serious issues. On Facebook I post pics of the girls all the time during their daftness sessions. But anywhere else pics of 13 and 12 year olds just appearing in bra and knickers could look very bad without any context behind the.
Still i was confused.
The culprit was the app Pixelpipes. Pipes are accounts of other software / web sites where you can upload multiple pics at the same time. However I had unknown to me all accounts selected. Pics flying up the pipes everywhere.
I have removed them from where they are not supposed to be.
Internet police can bugger off.

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